NZ Medicines Terminology

A Free Naming and Coding System for NZ

The New Zealand Medicines Terminology (NZMT) is a Free coding and naming system provided by the NZ Ministry of Health for use in the NZ health sector.

It provides a unique name and number for every medicinal product available in New Zealand and is intended to be used by software developers, researchers, and others.

How do I find out about it?

The NZMT is part of the NZ Universal List of Medicines, and you can find out all about it at

Or you can email us at

Can I get a copy of the NZMT?

Yes. We mail out links to the latest copy of the NZMT and NZULM data in CSV format every month.

Please email to get on our mailing list and for information about the latest data.

What does it cost?

Nothing. The NZMT and NZULM are provided free by the NZ Ministry of Health.


NZMT launches new Data Viewing website

As a result of numerous queries by interested parties within the Health Sector, we now have a new way to view all the published NZMT data in full detail.

The new site at is available to anyone with an interest in the NZ Medicines Terminology.

You will need to register for a login account but access is granted to anyone. Please email for your free account.

Integrated data containing the NZMT cross-referenced with the latest Pharmac Schedule, and the latest Medsafe register is also available